Bedroom Bliss

March 2011

by Louise Hurlbutt

Every day that I wake up in Maine, I am inspired by the sparkle of the blue ocean and the hues of the sky. My design is influenced by these palettes, and most of the homes that I am involved with marry these local themes of ocean, beach, and boating. Banisters modeled after those on an old ship, a compass rose in the floor of a shower, or pillows embroidered with anchors or seashells are the norm for my design. The views here are so spectacular that one does not want to compete with the scenery.

I love designing bedrooms. In the busy and stressful world we live in, bedrooms must be restful, calming, and a haven where we can retreat. I chose this four-poster bed for its architectural quality. I usually start with the fabric or rug, which then influences the color and design process. In this case, I was inspired by the fabric on the wing chair, a seafoam color showing an array of sea life and coral on antique linen. The walls are a woven linen wallpaper in aqua and taupe. The color and texture engulf and enhance the room.



March 25, 2011 by Sarah Prak
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